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Click to hear Laura's interview about her coaching style on Joan Garry's Nonprofits Are Messy Podcast

About Laura Zielke

Laura L. Zielke is a multi-talented Nonprofit Executive Coach, Certified Life Coach, spiritual mentor, and entrepreneur. Laura utilizes an interdisciplinary coaching framework that includes values clarification, thought work, burnout prevention, restorative self-care, and more. Her approach to coaching is equity-centered and grounded in principles of inclusion and belonging.

Laura’s collaborative experience includes working with Joan Garry at the Nonprofit Leadership Lab for the past six years. This has given her invaluable insight into the unique challenges of running a nonprofit organization and the messiness inherent in the not-for-profit model. 

Laura has dedicated her life to service through teaching, volunteering, ministry, and mentorship. She is passionate about biblical literacy and responsible interpretation since they often have a direct impact on the lives of historically marginalized humans.

In addition to her coaching and spiritual leadership, Laura has over 26 years of experience as a self-employed graphic designer and marketing consultant. Her guidance on messaging, design, and marketing strategy has been utilized by hundreds of business owners, clergy, elected officials, and nonprofit leaders.

Laura’s diverse background and expertise make her a necessary resource for anyone looking to make meaningful and lasting change in their lives or organizations.

"I understand the unique struggles many nonprofit leaders face, and I am dedicated to holding space for you. Let go of the burden of going it alone and allow me to be your sounding board, your confidant, and your guide. I will listen without judgment, provide unwavering support, and help you figure out next steps."

Laura Zielke

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equity-centered practice commitment

As a white woman, I recognize that I have privilege and power in our society that has been historically denied to people of color. I am committed to using that privilege and power to create a more equitable and just world, and to continuously educate myself on the ways in which I can be a better ally, advocate, and accomplice. I acknowledge that this work is ongoing and that I must continue to listen, learn, and unlearn in order to truly contribute to the fight for racial justice. 

As a life coach, I will offer a safe and supportive space where individuals can reflect on their own beliefs, behaviors, and actions, and explore ways to foster inclusive practices, dismantle systemic barriers, and promote equality and justice.

I am committed to dismantling systemic and structural racism.